Our Current Clients

Note:  This list does not include many of our confidential clients

CASABI – by Green Coast Foods, LLC
Casabi Flatbread and Crackers from the Dominican Republic.
Made from Cassava or Bitter Yucca Root
(harvested every 8-9 months).
Each Casabi is handmade in this uniquely artisan process. The Flatbread is made with ONE ingredient!  Fresh Cassava Pulp! The Crackers have 2,3 and 4 ingredients. With a 2-year shelf life. No binders, gums, preservatives, starch, flour, fat, grain, corn, rice, nuts, egg, wheat, soy or sugar. It is Lactose free and Gluten Free.
We are focused on marketing this to gluten-intolerant, vegan, paleo, keto, low fodmap, AIP, whole30 and weight watchers communities, especially for those with celiac disease, Cassava has a resistant starch and acts as a prebiotic.

Flatbread Rounds
Flatbread Original
Garlic Crackers. Also in Natural and Onion Flavors

Mama Brazil

We specialize in Brazilian Comfort Food and all the Brazilian treats that our community loves.