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Introducing the latest twist on a classic!
Our award winning sake, sessionable and sparkling in a can.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our saké: premium Calrose rice that is polished to 70%, home-grown koji, classic saké yeast #9, and filtered Austin water. Blended with a pinch of “Austin Weird”, these core elements yield clean and accessible saké for true aficionados as well as bold and experimental flavors to suit any palate.

Blood Orange
Rose-colored and bursting with fruit flavors of juicy blood oranges and guava from a unique infusion of blood orange peel, dried apple, rose hips and hibiscus flowers
(12 oz. can) or (4 12 oz. carton)

Session Classic
Bright, golden hue punctuated by flavors of honeydew and cantaloupe.
Full flavored, yet easy-to drink sparkling saké.
(12 oz. can) or (4 12 oz. carton)

Mango Dragon Fruit
Coral pink with tropical fruit flavors of mango, pear and kiwi from a unique infusion of dragon fruit and mango.
(12 oz. can) or (4 12 oz. carton)

Ginger Lime
Bright and bubbly session saké with refreshing lime and ginger spice. (12 oz. can) or (4 12 oz. carton)

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