Germano Hrushka

Owner at Cedar Creek Brokers    Expert Import/Export Broker of Brazil

  • 2001 responsible for the development of the industrial adhesives for wood / furniture of the multinational Clariant [].
  • 2004 started as a distributor and reseller.
  • 2005 started importing abrasives from China with our own brand Kyo Abrasives (
  • 2006 reached total sales of 2,563 tonnes / year, with sales exceeding R $ 9 billion / year; we won an American Latin award for sticker sales. That same year, we developed a Chinese supplier, where we act as a trading company for an exclusive line of baby strollers.
  • 2007 ADHECEL Coml. Ltda started importing abrasive sponges from the Spanish company Abrasivos Gil,  in the following year 2008 started a partnership with Mirka’s imports ( – Finland) and we acquired a sandpaper conversion industry for the doors, wood panels and furniture.
  • Following in the same branch we import from Italy and England.
  • 2009 all the market mapping in the state of RS was carried out together with the wood products exporting industries. And we had the opportunity to export agents between Chile, Canada and the USA. Between 2011 and 2014, we served the industrial paint market by the multinational Archroma ( covering all PR and SC.
  • We ended 2014 with an average volume of approximately 140 tons per month.
  • 2017 we expanded our operations to the metal / mechanics market with Distribuidora SUPPERIOR ( with the exclusive line of the German company Pferd (


  • The most recent project was the creation of the company VINOAR Import / Export and Distribution of Beverages where we operate under the La Cepa brand (
  • Speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish